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Goddamned Awful World

It might be Bank Holiday Monday, but bloody property management has just announced a rent increase. Not a big hike, but all part of greed culture. We are all circling the drain.

I remember an early Star Trek episode where two characters were condemned to perpetual fight in a parallel dimension. The implication was that it was necessary to keep the universe in existence. That just about sums it out. Another bloody dull day and I need to do some artwork to calm me down.

I went to a charity shop in Stretham and got a load of picture frames for about £1 each. Have begun to deconstruct them with a view to replacing the 'antiqued' views of Ely with liquid enamel and then spray the masks as if the image were leaking. I should do the ING submission today, but I just daren't spend any money at the minute. ArtLuxembourg should be updated too. It's all a faff. And I still have the BBC blabbing nonsense about Afghanistan as I type. I I must be mad!

So I will have to tell my housemate about the rent. And the cupboard my now be devoid of chocolate. At least I am going out to dinner tonight. I have a sketchbook which i am adding to; not in the way most artists work, but with finished pieces on each page. Using ink and wet paper, but worried the former will run out shortly. What a pain!

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