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Glitchy computer

All I want, Microsoft, is for the bloody thing to work!

Ocelot. ballpoint over watercolour on A4 paper. Done in the wonderful Cambridge University Zoology Museum. Reminds me of the time before this dreadful Lockdown.

Put a piece on CEAACC yesterday, but will have to add a headshot after my housemate has left for work. My hair is an absolute mess, but I guess that can't be helped. And I add a pic a day to 'Van Gogh Inspires' on Facebook. Have done lots of TokToks; the way to subvert any platform is to join it and then do the unexpected. It is full of ripped young men like rent and dancing that is like early '60s hand-jive, but not as good. I do clips about art and art-making. People still click and watch, so more effective than this at the moment.

One vice I do not have is gambling. I even hate buying raffle tickets. I will give a donation rather than bank on winning some useless prize. The uneven nature of ll of society is underlined by our adoration of the National Lottery and also talent shos.. It is not a case that the meritorious advance, but the voting is fickle and chance pulls the wrong numbers out of the tombola. We sham along with the notion of equality, but all my kids know that in their class there is one boy who is brilliant at sport, but could not draw an apple to save his life, whereas the one that draws like Raphael is always the last to be picked for teams as his sporting ability is less than that of a dead raccoon. In case you think I m just carping - I was in the latter category. I regret not being more interested now, but there are no returns.

But we need to have a side bet now: when will I next make a sale; when will theferrisfiles get a bit more success? Predictive text often comes up with unlikely outcomes!

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