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Getting close to stopping

These has proved a useless platform, though that could well be my inadequate IT.

This looks sufficiently dark for the way I feel. I am having difficulty sleeping, although the tablets should have settled down by now. Had a curry last night with A; good to be out, and I always bring half of it home for lunch the following day.

One lesson today, but it is what it is. I am conflicted about teaching now: want to be there, but definitely don't... at the same time! I just feel that the art is going nowhere, even though i have returned to enamel spray pictures after 40 years. The nostalgia is part of the process. I will scan them and post on Facebook, rather than on here.

Reading another Peter Robinson. I burn through detective fiction like a forest fire and the charity shops in Ely and Cambridge always come up with the goods, though i am a bt behind on the current crop.

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