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Food shop today

It can be such a faff in these Lockdown days, but has to be done. Obviously.

Angel's Trumpet. Done on PGCE, a drypoint done during student-led sessions. We went to the Botanic Gardens, but I am a stroppy so-and-so who had to add the naked man to complete the image. The watercolour was added later.

I loved this technique, using a burin on clear perspex, so that the original drawing could be 'traced' even though it's then be inverted. I'd love to do some more of these and we do have a press at school, so I could.

Prints are for editions, but time constraints meant there are very few of this particular one. When I am famous, I can get a studio assistant to pull a pile of them. There are more of the linocut I made at Stanground.

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