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FH Series

So, today's task is to finish off the 30 7" single covers + their collaged elements.

I will post pics as soon as I can, though may leave some out as they might easily offend. I have been thinking about the motivation and the results and made some conclusions. The essence is to incorporate a paradoxical balance of order and disorder (not chaos). The imagery involved is simple in the sense that many are used as abstract elements. That they have been culled form old porn mags is not clear to the viewer, even if they are told that is the source. The fragments are mostly garments and bedclothes, but some figures are included too. The theme thus becomes both nostalgic and a kind of rejection. This latter idea stems form the fact that the initials have a common enough meaning, though it is not Fun Holidays or Feeling Happy. It is like the infamous confusion over the mnemonic LOL. It doesn't mean 'Lots of love.'

That they are numbered and oriented (signed at the base) implies a sequence, almost like a flick-book, but the tachistoscopic flicker must therefore portray congress, although the viewing will take longer than the supposed 8 minutes suggested as the time the average heterosexual male spends in copulation. The basic material is aligned with records, the oral/aural. But this sensory link is negated completely. I have listed the artists and A-sides, but that does not allow any form of recreation. I did not scan them, though the Internet will easily supply a starter position.

The group is to be added to a group of 70 I made previously. The number 100 has fascinated me since Rose Rands and Warwick Hutton made it a requirement for the Foundation Course, though they wanted a century of black objects. I made a sculpture reflecting my reaction to Tiananmen Square massacre, but it was irreparably damaged in a garage flood.

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