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Feel like crap

Pretty certain it's not Covid (too snotty, no fever), but will do a test a bit later.

Got up at 6.40 and it was really dark. The nights close in very quickly. That has given way to overcast conditions. But at least there's no party conference to pollute the airwaves. As long as I get better for Saturday and meet up in Ely. I hate being ill. Stops me painting or even reading sometimes.

Didn't sleep brilliantly either. Sorry, I'm whingeing. Seems to fit in with the general tenor of the world. problem is, there is no resolution of complaints, not even a resolve to try often enough. I look forward to the dither of the coming climate junket. The young appear super-motivated, but once the rent or the mortgage has to be managed it'll all be put on the back burner.

Looking at the image above I think about the one lithograph I made. I loved the process. This is a different technique (monotype using drawing ink and wallpaper paste), but would so love the wherewithal to be able to make some prints. I could probably use drypoint on perspex, and there is a press at school.

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