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Everything is pointless

I looked at the Babylonian utter blandness and wondered why on earth anyone bothers?

Just adding these images in the number order they were uploaded in, but this seems, fortuitously, to echo my mood and weltanschauung. Dictionary unhelpfully underlined that word, and asked if I wanted to add it? No, I want the thing to recognise it straight off and just check the spelling is correct as I rapidly type at 6.30 in the morning!

A tells me to stop complaining about the amount of time The News gives over to sport. The issue is that more go fishing than go to football matches, and far more go to art galleries and historical houses, but that is not relevant, apparently. But the, the BBC pays to televise these 'major' events, so is onliged to show them as fully and often as they can. Maybe I have got this wrong: they seem to air stories about corrupt politicians, responding to the amount of ill-gotten gains they have registered.

GCSE results days. They expect that the grades will have been inflated again. And already they carp about making next year's programme fairer. That there is an imbalance between Satet and private, between the prosperous south and the deprived north. And pundits and interviewees express surprise. Do most of them live in igloos on Spitzbergen?

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