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Waiting for pics to dry can be a ral nuisance, but at least I do not use hair-dryers.

Sleeping Minotaur. If I had a factory, I could make these up as large corporate pieces, but I am just not sure the effort would be worth it; I'd descend into a money-greedy so-and-so. I just need enough to buy a studio of my own.

There is often a vaguely sexual taint to spikey biomorphs. It cannot be helped. No-one seemed to notice until Freud did. It seems so obvious now, but that is the case with many things in life!

I hate throwing things away, so end up with scraps that can then be put together to make a new piece. They end up in the 'sketchbooks' which aren't really sketchbooks anyway. Serendipity also serves as the way I arrive at sculpture.

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