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Ely today!

No message from work, so assuming nothing doing? Fingers crossed.

Striped Sea. Have added more lines to this since the scan, needed to distinguish ocean and sky. Got some nice comments on Facebook, but no new subscribers here, and yesterday was a total pants day: forgot to take my novel in with me. Knew it was 'going to be one of those' straight away.

One of the things about Lockdown is that all people have forgotten how to organise. I tried to arrange a lunch as The Bridge have sent me a money-off offer, but managing to find a date when 6 people are all ready and willing to rock up is like trying to build a Saturn V rocket out of cardboard and send it to the moon. But at least we have a governemnet that is on the case. It's a rather battered trunk on wheels covered in travel labels, dating from the 1920s, I believe.

Will probably spend too much on art materials in town today, but will go to the Market Kitchen for brunch. But might need a little something better than that to lift my mood. Yr8s were not great yesterday, but I got lunch as lesson 4 was a late one (we have a split timetable). Today I slept through to almost 7 o'clock. Progress indeed.

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