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Dull day today!

Housemate up before me. It's very disorienting.

Wanderer. I look at this bunch now and think I should do larger versions, makbe in oil? This is from the early '80s. I have been through many phases, but certain things recure time and again. The isolated male nude in a sort of landscape - I am doing one on canvas at the moment.

Picasso did the same. The medium may be the message. His nudes evolve with the dominant style, period after period. Sex and death might be my mainstays, but nature and Apocalypse creep in regularly.

One of my main concerns looking back now is the fact that I did not go to art school. This means that technically some pieces are not so much delicate, but more light-sensitive in their production, and water-based media may not cling to underlying waxy or oily layers. Not really my issue any more.

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