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Dull day again!

As if the elements are determined to make the world even more depressing than it is.

There is a Surrealist trope that suggests titles given to biomorphic abstracts is deliberately arbitrary. Magritte got his friends to 'help' him come up with labels. Freud stated that the only thing that interested him about Dali's paintings was the things he left out, rather than those he included.

This started out as a pencil squiggle, shapes picked out and emphasised, shading added to make three-dimensional. The very process is a metaphor for artistic production, but also for our 'selection' of what we focus on in our lives: much remains vague, parts are concentrated upon until fully bodied forth.

StepChange started out as a helpful organisation, but now they are hounding me. It is one more example of the vampiric assault we all suffer every single moment of our lives. Social media does not bring us closer together; it drives us further apart, shows us that difference is not to be celebrated, or rather, slight variation is acceptable, but antipathy rides in on the wave of the doubting. It is partly because affinity groupings should be about eleven besides ourselves. The hoi polloi do not hold the same views. The pandemic has shown many heroes, but the vast majority are solipsistic epicures (the word used ironically, but underlining 'self, self, self!').

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