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Does anyone believe a single thing?

When it comes out of a politician's mouth, that is. I don't know how I manage to listen.

Jackson Pollock went to see a psychiatrist. The doctor got the patient to draw to help diagnose his inner issues, but then published them after the artist's death (doubtless selling them for a super profit). At least, my finished works can be used to delve deeply if I have let them out of the studio myself.

It is interesting to dig out things that are 40 years old. I should have been far more confident back then and tried to get a gallery, but I am still rendered timid by raging self-doubt. But I am made up that Wimbledon is starting. If only I thought tere was any value in sport whatsoever. I told my kids the only sport I like is caving. That shut them up.

Should I be reworking these older works? Make it part of my practice. Any artist that uses that word should be struck off. Mind you, if I rant about all the jargon-generation, we'll be here all day. It is so empty and devoid of meaning: like a teacher focusing on what he wears and where he stands in the classroom (not totally irrelevant, but about as important as his eye colour, or what he had for breakfast)!

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