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Dear me!

Saatchi appears to have descended to being just another ArtFinder. Must be what people want. There needs to be a site where there is cutting-edge artwork, not kitsch populism.

Death and the Artist. me, of course, though very young. And the Reaper exaggerated: skull too large, arm too tiny. The Totentanz is common enough; I loved the frescoed ones I saw in Istria. Seems an appropriate image during the current disease and its spread.

I see whinge-culture everywhere: on here, in school, on TV. And I seem to be slipping into the same mode. It's so difficult not too. There is greater inequality every day, despite the fact that celebs proclaim from their platforms, politicians announce that inroads are being made, and YouTube and the Beeb screen documentaries that show the horror and the little gains in the opposite direction. - this is what we could do, if only we got our shit together. The death of the whale in the Thames yesterday strikes me as a paradigm.

Have started thinking about the memorial to the Iranian boy, but it will be a struggle. I was struck by the fact that Vincent's 'Potato Eaters' is in fact an incredibly political painting, not just a genre picture looking back to the moralistic tableaux of the Dutch Golden Age (though he was perfectly well aware of precedent).

The theme illustrated above might be more often depicted as Death and the Maiden, so good to subvert it, though that was an unconscious decision and enactment.

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