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Dear God, grant me the serenity...

To not have psychotic impulses every time I listen to an MP being interviewed.

The sun is shining and I have arranged to pay £2 per month to my creditors, to be reviewed in October. But generally not feeling splendid this morning. But I did sleep though until the alarm went off. How very unusual!

Do you think politicians have always talked utter nonsense, or is it simply the cynicism of older age? But they either don't ask the question at all, or say unverifiable things. Blame someone else obliquely, the mentality of the four year old.

Going shopping in Ely today. Should spend nothing. Had a long 'chat' with my debt charity. All on hold until October. Thank you Lockdown. They did suggest bankruptcy, but I'd have to be an MP to file for that.

Saw a post in Ars mundi on Facebook yesterday. Two commentators praised its anatomical accuracy and its daring for the '60s. No, to both of those assessments: I'd tell off life class students and if a camp 'Roman' encounter has an out-group audience and poor dissemination then 'daring' is not really what's involved. Just sayin'.

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