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Day of the Teacher

Some schools apparently have a 'thank a teacher day,' so it just needs promoting as an idea.

These sticky nights are just so unpleasant and unexpected. I slept OK last night, but probably because I was exhausted. The IT rooms are supposed to have Air-Con, but that's a con. Hopefully will be liaising over cover work and behaviour in school in the next few days.

Tennis starlet was the number one item on the news. Really? It may well be an achievement, but not worthy with so much going on in the world. Off to Signorelli's tomorrow for the best pizza in town, and will buy a new pair of shoes as current one has a hole in the uppers. Maybe trousers and drawing ink as well. Just have to stay away from the charity shops; I do not need any more books. Enough to keep me reading until Xmas already.

Shortness of breath means I should contact the GP, but I am dithering. House-rewiring, which was supposed to be a legal requirement in 28 days, has still not been scheduled. Is there a single property management company that cares about its tenants in terms other than just economics? That is a rhetorical question, in case you were unclear.

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