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Critical Disorganised Species

I watch the news and fear that we get closer to the brink by the day. But as long as there is sport the mindless majority are kept happy. That's good, isn't it?

This is a picture of me; a snarly wide-eyed creature. Sorry about that, but the utter glibness of the Beeb's reporting is just driving me crazy. Taxidermy might well be an extended metaphor for the state of the world? Maybe there's a short story in there somewhere. I do not want to be Victor Meldrew, but I do want to be a voice of considered opinion.

The whole thing revolves around Education. The Marxist will claim that the aristos and oligarchs only want the proles sufficiently trained to fill out forms and pay their taxes, but unfortunately the problems of the earth are a diret result of pedagogic inadequacy. Let it be clear, I do not refer to refer to vocational itent, but rather to funding, to inculcated desires in the previous generation, to the impoverished ambitions of the bulk of the population.

I see maths problems posted on Facebook and the wide distribution of 'guesses.' I say guesses, because so many get the answer wrong. I do not expect a full grasp of quantum mechanics, but the basics...? It is also the Snowflake generation - every opinion valid and the horrid fear that you might offend by pillorying those that cannot add 2 and 2 together. Sigh!

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