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Crisp December Snow

Seems eons away. A dream of normality and sham freedoms. Fingers crossed!

Was asked to go in to school today, but said no. Don't tell me not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Wellbeing is an issue they all bang on about. But, as I told YouGov, the Education Sector is very poor when it comes to awareness of mental health issues.

I could not have put up with squeals about a certain sporting event in the classroom today. And since kick-off is at 8.00 we could have gone out for a curry, but the fever seeps into every corner of the universe. Well, you'd thing so.

I look at this image and remember using wallpaper paste and ink to make it. Then spent ages modifying it, but failed to really resolve it. What a waste of time and materials. I feel it is ll completely pointless at the moment, though getting the two 'skulls' attached to plywood yesterday was a real fillip. Slept through the night, rather than getting up between 3 and 4, then struggling to get back to sleep.

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