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Cramp at 3.30

My word, what a stabbing pain. Must have been sinful during the day!

I was asked to be an expert on a Facebook page. Yet another space where I have to chatter and post each morning. Not an intellectual platform, but a visual one. Vintage models and Actors is giving me great sources for possible pictures. Added to which I am watching James Somerton's videos on YouTube about Queer film theory. Interesting.

I worry that there is a sort of shift, an inversion of theoretical terms. Thus, radical suffragists want to change the whole of societal structure in order to change enfranchisement; I would have thought the term meant a deep concern SOLELY with the vote of the 'common man'? But no. Equally Queer-baiting is nothing like bear-baiting, an attack, verbal or otherwise, on gay people (mainly men); it is, rather, a way of enticing a gay audience to buy into certain franchises, before being disappointed by the falsehood of the promise. The probable clinch never happens, the 'relationship' is not resolved.

Seems to be arse-about-face to me, but it is at least proof positive that any construct, any substrate, is prone to alteration, to rethinking. No wonder artwork is reanalysed periodically, re-evaluated in terms of the analyst's preferences and (hidden) priorities and inner feelings.

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