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Covid Dissolution Strategy

Seems to get more random every day. And the fact that the 4 nations have different ideas is so unhelpful. They are talking a flu vaccination in September. Sigh.

And the spin on it? It shows children's education is an absolute priority. Talking to some of my colleagues and friends, the conclusion is that a whole generation is in deep trouble and many students and their parents either don't realise it or, more worryingly, don't actually care about it that much.

A new heraldic device might well be a headless chicken. But in the meantime sport, sport, sport. But at least my astrologer says next month is very good for creativity. Not sure f that just means I'll pour out pictures, or if there might be some success, in the form of exposure or sales? With the diabolical catastrophe that Saatchi has become, I wonder if there might be something other than commercial platforms on social media.

I now have 6 weeks officially not working, then the very sluggish start that is September for supply, and a new Head with perhaps better policies as far as agency is concerned? We lost six members of staff this term. I am surprised that there is such turnover in these precarious times, but there we go. At least I can now get to Luton to go to the sauna. It'll be so nice just to get out.

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