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Countless Dead Souls

My resident astrologer says the coming month is good for creativity. I do hope so!

Good things are perhaps happening. I have a date and venue for CAYAC 2022; I have 6 weeks holiday coming up; good dinner at the Histon Smokehouse last night; dry and sunny on St swithin's day. Bought 2 small canvases in Ely too. But I woke up at 5.00 today and couldn't go back to sleep.

I have been watching various things on Netflix, German, Polish, Luxembourgian. They seem to delight in gratuitous heterosexual copulation. Not averse at all, if it adds to the plot, allows the viewer to understand the secret connections between characters, but directors seem to think it adds to 'gritty realism.' It does not. Am I becoming a prude? Heaven forbid. I think I have a new life model, but perhaps I just want balance. Little hope of that, despite diversity quotas.

For those that didn't see it on Facebook, here is a paradigm for aging and inattention to detail. I got a recipe for Banoffee pie. Went to Tesco and sought out all the ingredients (ginger nuts, tinned caramel, whipping cream) but forgot to buy one. Any guesses? Tried to remedy the failure in Histon Co-op, but the bunch are as green as can bee. Will put them in the sun to accelerate ripening. Have I give the game away.

I see extreme weather on the News: 50 degree heat in California and flash floods in Germany, but governments are still doing almost bugger all to sort the climate out! Sigh.

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