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Continuing Disastrous Scheduling

The Saatchi order is now becoming a plot more intricate than a spy thriller, with out the thrill!

This is called 'John, I'm Only Dancing.' It's a modified monotype, the first layer made with black ink and wallpaper paste spread on a metal sheet. It refers to a nubile with whom I wanted to shimmy, but the Fates made the love star-crossed. I wonder where his is now?

Would have been good as a lithograph, but without the fame and the fortune, I cannot utilise print studio facilities. It's hard enough putting food on my plate. Saatchi were an organisation I imagined would help with that, but another email to say where are the docs. I pinged a photo of said parcel and plastic wallet with printed pages balanced on top. But, of course, evidence can be fabricated. But incompetence cannot be counterfeited: you are either good at your allotted job... or you are not.

I now have an EORI and wonder if they now require a copy of that per sending? But the 'shipping documents' folder only contains 4 things. They were all printed at school and filled in and included or attached as per instructions, but perhaps I am suffering from a variety of artists disorientation because of all the oestrogens in the soil or direct interference from marauding alien spaceship beamings? Let unfold the gorgeous recondite saga.

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