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Contemptible Dismal Sport

But it makes the country happy they tell me - even though two thirds of the population didn't watch it! But the Olympics will be along shortly to keep our spirits flying high.

At least I gad an excellent day yesterday in Ely. The Antiques Centre is like someone else's dream. Saw many things I'd like to incorporate into artwork, but I bloody well need to sell something first, or at least get into a competition shortlist.

Sleeping last night was a real paint in the neck. 2 lessons todsy and three tomorrow. One more week to go, but I'd prefer to not be called in. The kids will ask me if I watched the match, and look uncomprehending when I point out that I'd rather watch a snail hibernating.

I now have 30 record sleeves, so can do a set of collages to start the school holidays, all bubbles cancelled. Pollen is making my eyes itch, and the weather generally is a disappointment... but there's always the football. My friend thinks 'Columbus Displaced Sun' is rubbish. The three wooden panels are a meditation on Bacon's infamous trio, I realised in the sleepless zone.

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