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Considering entering

Figurative at The Mall Galleries, but it's cost £300 with frames and transport added to the initial fee. Am I likely to get in? Who knows. Should start with more local ones perhaps? No idea frankly., but I feel I am in a great rush to achieve. I have left it rather late.

Deconstruction. Love working in biro.

This is the second submission to the blog today. I want to catch up with the number of days in the year - 136. Must make myself do these things however disinclined I feel about them. I have no significant other, so would suggest that these grappling images are exactly that: a death-struggle with the recalcitrant universe out there.

Managed to do the washing, and the sun managed to come out and shine. Will unpeg the clothes in a minute. I intend to nap and it's be Sods Law that rain would come as I dozed. Alanis Morrissette would describe that as ironic.

I might have to go to Wilko and grab a few new cheap frames too. Would use my Haslingfield framer if I could justify it, but just daren't. StepChange are yapping at my heels to review my debt repayment plan. The initial click on their online form left a monthly deficit of £630 - well, that ought to be sobering. But I will wear purple and not wave if I am drowning.

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