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Consider Dick Size

As good a new protocol to determine who gets to exhibit, who not!

FH 8. I must track which platform has which order of examples, or it'll become a horrid mess. I realised earlier that the specific source - pop records - makes for an implicit connection to the oral component, but the vinyl has been removed (to be used in a sculpture at some point no doubt), and even with a note of the artist and track, museums will not facilitate the playing of the piece in their hushed halls. All painting denies the intrusion of sound, but sometimes there is an 'invisible' cacophony.

Ads for underwear, the inclusion of bottles of poppers and the display of phone sex tie the arcane subject down to a degree. The appropriation of others' artwork/photos is a common enough trope nowadays. The multiplicity of image-sources and the partial-repetition of the cuttings comments on the bombardment of current viewers of TV/PC. Here the looking is slowed down as the elements have to be disentangled, although any message is obscured by the very method involved in the depiction.

I did 5 A5 oil pastel and ink pictures in a new sketchbook yesterday. Not going to do so many today as I am out to lunch.

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