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Conservatives, Democrats, Socialists...

They are all exactly the same. It's not the doctrine but the dither and the procrastination.

The worry is that it filters down to everyone else. Hedging your bets, wavering and back-tracking are the order of the day. They go hand in had with Cancel Culture as it is called. I do not see it as a complete erasure of the past, or highbrow discourse, but rather as the determination to ameliorate everything, make it all easily comprehensible and unlikely to casue the least bit stress. The kitsch, the common and the glib. the three tenets of the purveyors of the putative New Order.

I am getting more than one follower a day on Instagram, but they are interested in the male nude more than the quality of the art, I fear. If I do them a disservice, I sincerely apologise. It's my own fault espousing the Pride directive. A worthy cause to be sure, but the danger is that the art is not just a secondary consideration, but an irrelevance. Whatever strategy I follow has many, many holes in it.

This is a picture of Mal's dream in Golding's Inheritors, but I think it is an appropriate image for the year, everything burning, the smoke polluting everywhere. Blame the horrible rain for today's thoughts. And the fact that the BBC are on and on and on about Sport. Too much!

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