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Completely Dreadful Substitution

I know I bang on about certain things, but with reason...

So this week I have heard some examples of the delights of agency supply in the Stte sector. One 'teacher' fell asleep in front of the class and snored. Another, in a class that he was not in charge of decided to take a paper register. He asked the first child for their name and then got them to spell it. On to the next. 15 minutes in 5 names had been written before the actual teacher came to collect them, though they should have been released to go to the studio anyway. And a third was politely offered to be taken to a classroom as she was new to the place. 'No, thank you. It's break-time.' Clearly focused on integrating and performing duties to the best of her ability.

I am doing two Year 9 Soanish classes this morning, then off to have breakfast in Ely. Need the weekend. And have refused the offer of work on Monday. I know that is very bad. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, they say. But it's becoming far too difficult.

A man on the Beeb has 368 football shirts. Good luck to him. I have 20,000 postcards, so best not complain. Have a good day, you invisible readers.

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