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Competitions, Development, Saatchi

Lots of likes and nearly 150 pounds from the latter platform. A good day perhaps?

I have to blitz tidy the studio as there's some sort of electrical inspection for the deliciously wonderful Tucker Gardner, the property managing company. And tomorrow off to sunny Luton, though it might not be very sunny apparently.

I made banana and walnut pancakes yesterday, using a recipe book sent (humorously) by my sister. They were super-delish! Just need to sell a few more pictures over the summer. But at least, if was still in the food industry, I would be exempt.

The sky is grey and the air feels slightly less oppressive. I want to get the St. Michael painting a bit further on, but have to deal with the mess in the den, I suppose. Will definitely do a little bit of spray art today. Need it for my equilibrium. Just struck me: if the BBC is supposed to be balanced and unbiased, then there should be a person on to say, ' I hate the Games and wish it wasn't happening.' But that might be a step too far?

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