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Coffee's Daily Stimulus

Just a bother that I have to brew it. I do a full cafetiere, but get through it rather quickly.

Football and tennis getting my goat. Must look at Babylon Gallery this afternoon. It is July after all. Teaching art and DT today. I need to increase the chances of stopping. They have just rung to add an extra lesson. It is now the complete opposite of the joy it started out to be, I vowed I would never take to the profession at the end of the hideous strain of the PGCE. That didn't work. I've been doing it over 21 years in the State systen already. But it has lost its flavour. I had a YouGov survey yesterday. I told them just what I thought, but guess it'll make absolutely no difference.

Behaviour has become truly terrible, the pandemic has made matters so much worse. Seems that neither kids nor parents understand that the amount of ground to be covered to catch-up is immense. And the socialisation that is achieved in the first days for Yrs 7 and 8 has been totally wiped out. It is not all that lack a modicum of decency, but that minority pollutes the rest with their inane disruption. 'The me-me-me mentality has become the norm in vast swathes of the general population, and the young imitate their supposed betters.

Wasn't going to go out tomorrow after two doses of Spanish, but will now. The money is running out and the CDS failure has made me wary about dwindling finances.

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