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Claustrophobic Deepening Silence

I must be some weird sort of masochist: listening to government spokespeople on the BBC. No wonder the kids behave as if all utterance were mendacious.

That this is called Xibalba seems utterly appropriate. It's a map of the Mayan Hell. And the fact that it is spotted as though by disease adds another layer. Suppose I should get my arse in gear and go out, even if it's just to buy food, but I feel very disinclined.

The weather is super-dull again, but from Monday there will be no bubbles in school. Oh, wait! the holidays start on Monday. I might try to designate bedroom, den, living-room and kitchen as pseudo-bubbles and maybe the garden as the fifth, but teachers have been crossing the boundaries almost every lesson anyway. What a load of nonsense.

At least the furore around the game has declined, though the fall-out (racism and the authorities punishing the England tea for supporter behaviour) continues. I must try to finish St Michael today. It is the work that has taken the longest, over 20 years. I thought the 'Map of Hell' was the most drawn out at 15 years, but no!

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