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My brain hurts from trying to work out how many posts I need to catch up with the year!

This is day 74. If I do three posts per day, or more which day will I be able to relax and only do one per day? Just can't do it in my head, but then I have just 'taught' 2 Geography lessons. I did A level and got an A. I thought I'd failed one exam completely; I answered questions on stuff we had not done, it was that hard.

The chaos around education due to lockdown and governmental failed algorithms makes me worry for my Yr11s. My school refused to predict my grades. I took Eng Lit early and got a 9, in the days when that was just above a U; I retook it in September and got a 1! Contrary bloody artists.

I guess this is a picture to do with the blindness of the Fates and perhaps their difficulties in threading?

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