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Cavern, dripstone, stalagmite...

I love a nice semantic field to start the day. Don't you?

I am going to carp, but then nobody bothers to read these posts, so why should I warn or worry? Terrible floods in Germany and adjoining countries. It's global warning that has made me rage today. The politicos posture and whinge. Think of the earth as an Amazon warehouse. Sending out one book does not clear the stock, and all day more deliveries from suppliers may be coming in. Restrict those arrivals and still the contents will increase. So too the damage if minor measures are trumpeted as a solution to the trend. It;s a no=brainer!

And let's be clear about this: Detroit retooled in six months when the USA joined WWII, converting from car production to military uses. Thus, war can get the species to wake up, but not pending extinction?

I try hard to never waste food, but sometimes fail. I only grow tomatoes, strawberries and figs in my garden, but I do not run a car and hardly use public transport either. Bit of a stay-at-home at the moment. I am aware that buying paper that is made in India is not the most ecologically sound, but Khadi is such a fantastic product. Put the bin out today. Just two small bags of rubbish put in there over the past two weeks, so we do pretty well as a household.

Let's all try to do a lot better.

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