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Catch-up Day Sequencing

If I do this I will be at 186 posts. 179 days left of this hideous year!

In some ways, it's been fine. I did over a thousand pictures since the start of Lockdown, but success eludes me as per usual. This sketch is appropriate with is stamps, part of the Beddgelert set. Reminds me of Mum and Derek and my sister's family. The legend was fabricated, but who cares? It served its moralising purpose.

Carpe diem: better get the painting that's lying on the decking further forward. I hope the technician at work will help me attach the one eighth scale dilophosaurus skull. It was 3-D printed in China I think, so not the most ecologically sound purchase. I have a plastinated alligator head for one of the triptych. I have been watching a lot of videos about Francis Bacon of late, so may have been influenced by his use of that format, though he only made 28 of them.

Mowed the lawn and weeded the gravel at the front of the house. Scoured the glass in the shower. My lips are tingling. Must be the chemicals in the spray, even though I had it well ventilated in there.

This post has three red underlinings. Now four. That stands as an extended metaphor for the state of the world at present? I am listening to Keane, so that may have affected my mood..

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