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Can't think of any catchy titles

It was sunny, but now it's overcast and they say there may be snow in the West.

Skin. The usual media mix. This time it's Marsyas and Apollo. Another one of my favourite myths; it's not the hubris and the trickery of the gods, but the sadomasochistic homosexuality that seems to be foregrounded.

I did do a larger canvas version of this, but it sort of remained 'non finito.' I see the tale as a metaphor for the flaying life hands out to the artist. It is inescapable, and one gets to accept it after a lifetime of its persistence.

And before you ask: I am both of the protagonists here. The self is always and forever divided, though sociology attempts to integrate the two halves. This was clearly 'derived' from the skein of squiggles beneath - biology giving rise to psychology.

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