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Cambrian, Devonian, Silurian

It strikes me that the monsters of the id have roots in ancient epochs.

Gosh, they talk such nonsense on the BBC. Admittedly news bulletins don't claim to be in depth intellectual analyses of current affairs. Rather, they are snippets of information and commentary that is necessarily laconic. And balance is almost impossible to achieve, even if they allow spokespeople from both sides of any glib argument.

I am feeling particularly misanthropic this morning. Trying to get the work out there is such a struggle. It is not a matter of quality and relevance, but of financial, and now IT, savvy. And the flip side of that is artwork that has very little skill, and less profundity; no universal applicability, but nonetheless is promoted by institution or commercial venture.

If you read the laconic exegesis on Saatchi, you would think that we live in a time greater than the Renaissance, every dabbling dauber a Michelangelo motivated by an understanding of the universe that is almost god-like. Most are in Wilde's gutter, and fewer than a handful look up: they wallow in inadequacy of vision ad parade it as the thinking of philosopher-kings. The critical facilities i learned at school stand me in good stead, but the very notion of hierarchy is currently pilloried, such that all 'exploration' is good investigation, valid and cogent!

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