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Boring Sunday morning

Can't get on when housemate is still asleep. Need to be on my own (or nit really!).

Singular Star. The need to move forward is pressing. A week to go to the end of the month and no sales and few followers, though bizarrely 1100 views on TikTok. It's usual fare is moronic and I had hoped to subvert that very populism with arty clips, but not sure it is a strategy that will work now.

I want my Three Wise Monkeys done and dusted. The problem is they are all works that need construction, but probably no framing in the end. That'll save a little bit of money. My mother's probate has still not been dealt with, and it would have been so nice to have some shred of self-sufficiency before that happens. Many competitions are cancelled or virtual. I am waiting to hear if the RA is going ahead or not. AAn awful lot of work if it doesn't come off, and an expense too far when it comes to the framer's.

One of the weirdest things vis-à-vis my work is that sometimes I can't really remember making something, or have to wonder what I was thinking about at the time? I make some notes on sketchbook backboards, but not on individual pieces. Or alternatively I can construct a raison d'etre after the event to satisfy the art-blather crowd. 'Oh, it's about Man's inhumanity to his fellow man...'

Learned a new word yesterday: agnotology. It studies the rate and the spread of ignorance and responds to the predominance of nescience. My word, there is so much of it about at the minute that one need not underscore it or elucidate. Much.

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