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Boat Race

I hate sport, but 'Circenses et panem' seems to be the theme of the moment!

Gosh, I love drawing with biro: you can't rub out mistakes. I tend to just go for it, though may do a tiny amount of work in pencil just to place the image on the page. Not here. Done at the marvellous Zoology Museum in town. Can't wait till it reopens.

I put BBC Breakfast on in the morning, and get so annoyed that they give so much time to sport. More go to art galleries and go fishing than watch football, I believe, but they don't get a look in. My father used to ejaculate, 'Lowest Common Denominator' at the TV when some rubbish came on, though he used to like the Black and White Minstrel Show back in the day, but then we are all contradictory beings, despite any promise not to be.

There was a ram raid at the local Co-op the night before last. Here is a hieroglyph for the occasion. Covid passports on the telly now, another excuse to talk about sport. I went to a very sporty school. We had 7 lessons of Games per week (and another 3 on Saturday afternoon if you boarded). I was rubbish, though might have been OK if caving, climbing, log distance running or dance had been one of the options. Mind you, they also tried to stop me doing art as I was in the academic stream. It was for the lesser mortals who might fail to gain the guaranteed 8 O level passes they promised in their propaganda.

I was a donkey-headed stubborn youth and did it at O and A level... on my own. The same for Art History A level. The art teacher was not great. He booked the latter, telling me it was an AO, but as I sat down at an outside centre (in Huntingdon) I realised the colour of the test paper was not the right one. Still passed!

I view myself as an autodidact, which means some things are a struggle, but others are wilfully disregarding of accepted practice. If told never to combine oil pastel and ink in one work, I'd do exactly that. It can be difficult to manage, but all the more enjoyable for that.

The day looks glorious outside my window, but they say temperatures will plummet tomorrow. Since living in Mexico, I have rather disliked the cold. I had to put on a jumper one day over Christmas whilst in Colon Echegaray. A long tome ago now!

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