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Bloody flies

This unseasonable weather has brought the little buggers out. What a pain.

Survey this morning about shopping habits, then questions about holidays including Kwanza. It's so unknown here. And this was from Ipsos. Very weird. I worry that many surveys do not have a category that says 'I do not do shopping as I am stony broke' - skip to the end of the questionnaire.

Still bunged up with cold, but hope I'll be OK to go out tomorrow. Training day at school today, so not going in. Might get 'Flesh House' read, but definitely finish it by tomorrow. Must avoid the charity shops. I can't resist the cheap detective fiction and Art History.

Didn't do any artwork yesterday. Might manage a drawing today. No spray paint, I fear. Shorter report today. Might be feeling crap, or just nothing to report?.

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