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Banoffee pie for breakfast...

And why not. I might wear purple as well, depending how hot it gets today!

Weird having my housemate get up before me. Her job has changed it's timetable, and I am on holiday. There is also the feeble excuse that the heat makes sleeping hard, so I take advantage of a lie-in - which is not my usual method.

Bought some bonkers things in Ely yesterday: a Dutch pancake maker in a charity shop. It will be made into an art object, never to be used as a culinary adjunct. Another couple of canvases and some 7" singles as I felt a couple of the last batch were just too glossy to work well.

Am rather happy that there is lull in sport reporting, though it'll be back on Friday with the damp squib of the Olympics. I have decided that I can carp, provided I balance it with a positive. So: the charity shops in Ely are a delight, as is the Antiques Centre. But I should try to do fewer paintings, and definitely not so many 'combines.' They are larger and my friends are talking about freeing up their barn. So where will I put the big artworks? Answers on a postcard...

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