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Back ache

Great start to the day. Could hardly get my socks on. Funny, but not funny!

Listening to the sententious rhetoric on the BBC. It strikes me that there are so few with any true integrity, but then the miracle of hindsight is easily enough verified. Another dull day here. The song 'Forever Autumn' springs to mind, though that is essentially about love.

My friend is going for a job interview today. I wish him luck. My finances are on the rocks again. I did a pic called 'Someone Buy a F***ing Picture.' I assume I need to dance naked in the moonligh and much some slips of yew to make that happen as the alignments of the stars seem inadequate at this moment.

Feeling completely disinclined to do anything today: either paint or learn Italian, housework or gardening, even reading or doing my social media chores. So, this will be a shorter post...

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