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Back ache

What an absolute joy growing old is, though sleep was better last night. Little mercies!

Jupiter. You know, I love YouTube. I learn something new every single day: barycentre and heliopause yesterday. Though seeing the price of crap art at Christie's and Sotheby's gets my goat. some may be beautiful... but $450million for a doubtful Leonardo...?

No school today. Will get some painting done and some domestic goddess little doing. Next door have just about moved out. Will be another rental; hope new neighbours will be as good as the ones on the other side. Main job today to get the tomato plats bedded in and watered. Not very gree-fingered, so will cross them in mixed metaphor.

people, artists, glibly say they learn something new every day when it comes to their work (not just factoids), but it is true. Look at the gels and trials in this image. Cass Art supermarket in Islington is fatal. I go round with a basket. I think it was nearly £300 last time I went; things I have not seen or tried before. Hobbycraft offers are also a dreadful draw. Have 3 canvases from the latter to play with now. Splendid.

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