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Awake too early...

Again. Is Lockdown the cause? Is it my age? Who knows, but it's very annoying.

Doctor Dee. A5 improvisation. The artist creating his world, an alchemical trick, difficult to define (otherwise everyone would do it). I wish I could magic up a regular sleep pattern. That would be a great trick.

There are moves now to relax some of the Covid restrictions, though it all seems as arbitrary as before, but that is the state of almost all systems. At least, I get to go to Ely and dine outdoors. Looking for picture frames for CDS, and handing over a donation of clothes and books. I never normally give books away, but I have second copies of a couple. Got quite irritated by my father's cavalier throw-out recently. Be nice to have at least 10,000 by the time I leave it all to the nation. [Irony emojis added, maybe?]

I want to make a TikTok today, but may be too tired by the time I get back. Have sorted out a pile of 'backgrounds' to add to. Made a fair few yesterday, but there is a lot left. I have a couple of sketchbooks to fill too.

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