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Awake at 5.15!

It's not unusual. Just wish it wasn't so hard to get back to sleep!

Holy Moses. One of those old-fashioned phrases. Michelangelo bursting forth from my sub-conscious, I guess. I asked a class recently who the Three Kings were and no-one knew or said they did. So they definitely won't know who this guy was!

By the time I finish 3 posts this morning, I should then be up to date and can do one a day. Will make them a little longer, but they will almost certainly have pictures that I do not intend to sell, but that may change.

Yesterday was an absolute stinker: no great dreadful event, but nothing went well at all, and it just became very frustrating. It is a year since Lockdown started here. There seems to be very little light at the end of the long, long tunnel.

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