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Attachment to Earnings...

Do they understand the dual meaning of this phrase? No, of course not!

2 hours work this week. Yippee! So the abysmal bunch of bureaucrats that nest in Cambourne may have difficulty next month grabbing what they claim they need so blood-suck. At least the sertraline mellows me sufficiently for me to not give a damn. but this vile city will never have anything of mine before I am dead. Then they can do what they want!

So a day with initial success (the sale of a picture), followed by a disastrous crash (SCDC's vile non-negotiated interaction). No worries. Today will have to paint two more canvases. Lemon yellow and ochre. I think I will end by making a sort of diptych with the paired theme of Feast and Famine. One rich with 'dishes' full of bright paint, the other with a dark minimal inflection. The idea will apply to more than just the starving in Yemen and Afghanistan. We can starve from lack of beauty. Bing unable to visit many art galleries has made me mentally thin.

I have to go to school as my printer is not cooperating. An Epson fault I am told: you can only readjust an ink cartridge if the machine registers as empty. There may be a workaround, but I do not know how to do it. Sigh!

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