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So back on 50mg sertraline. Slept like a baby (almost). Fingers crossed.

Corrugated Sky. Love working on card like this. Off to Ely in a minute. Will buy some more paint to get some more of these done. The grey sky will not let me down today - I will not let it. Small Breakfast at the Market Kitchen. The tablets are supposed to affect appetite, so we'll have to see.

The conversation with the locum was a little weird, but then it is a new method for most. Pregnant pauses and highs and lows of remarks as you might expect. Rev Richard Coles on Radio 4. Slightly odd. I remember him on Top of the Pops. They say you go through 8 different 'careers' in a lifetime. Not sure I have, although painter would be the last.

They are talking about old TV shows. I must have watched a fair amount, but homework during my adolescence was immense. Not great at the time, but it has helped in a way: if becoming a teacher was indeed a good decision. Looking back I should possibly have done it around the end of Uni, but then I might have ended as ahead of department in a private school for 40 years?

Richard has just quipped that 'Civilisation' altered his take on the Rococo! Funny. I remember that and 'The Ascent of Man' as brilliant and fascinating programmes.

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