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Another shite gallery.

Went to a provincial outlet. The receptionist knew nothing. Perhaps that's the best way?

If you don't reply to enquiries, you might miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The getting of followers and subscribers has an unwanted dividend sometimes. On Facebook yesterday a random friend request. In the name of vanity, I always accept, but the guy then immediately asked for a picture. Bollocks, it's not a damn dating app and there are so many pics of me out there on social media anywhere...

I can't remember the original source for this image; can't even remember posting it, but the lovelies at fb pop memories up as though one were incapable of the reactivation of radical engrams in any satisfactory way. I just get back on the horse now after any curatorial rejection, but feel that the sentiments expressed by this supposedly humorous old bag hit the nail on the head. Nicely.

And I either have a cold coming or just the tail end of snotty hay fever. Looks like rain out there. Even the atmosphere picks up on my profound mood and paints the sky appropriately. And an unrequited love adds icing to the cake, to jumble up my metaphors in mid-stream...

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