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Another grey day

So much to do today. There seems to be more in the inbox every single day.

Mum and Me. Not a realistic depiction, but the image suggested itself in the usual way that I work. It would have been her birthday today. Missing her terribly. Just want to ring her up, or meet in town for lunch at Browns. Grieving seems to take so long and only gradually get less raw.

Ali Fazeli Monfared was murdered by his family about a week ago in Iran, simply because he was gay. That we are in the 21st century seems to have passed parts of the world by. Tolerance and acceptance are in short supply sometimes. This is not the place for an in depth debate, but any meaningless loss of life is a grave indictment of humanity's progress. My mother was so aware of diversity and the fact that love rather than hate augments understanding and collective gain.

They say that those that learn not the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. The planet seems to neither look back or forward at the moment. I fear that art is a useless tool when it comes to advancing global integration, particularly in the face of the excesses and cynicism of the institutions that purportedly endorse and promulgate the notion of harmony and a fairer, more balanced view.

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