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Another day in Paradise

Well, not really! Dull outside, like autumn. Must finish 'Splendid Isolation' today.

There is a show coming up in a gallery in Mayfair. I was sent the info by a London friend. No entry fee, which is great, but £150 if selected to help pay for the vernissage and insurance, which is also acceptable. Just not sure now who I'd take to the opening?

No school again today, but better sleep. Still up at 4.30, but nodded off for once. Also got my first hit on Google search. There are only another 7 billion people out there. That's why I have to persist in getting exposure. I have seen two female artists grow their 'business,' one of whom rightly deserved the accolades, one who makes flower pictures barely worthy of Athena or ArtFinder! But is not the ultimate success that hangs in the balance, but the temporary prosperity. My mate Andrew says I will never retire to Sardinia. I so will provided I get more than a tiny foothold on the slimy ladder of art world insider status, if that's not too mixed a metaphor?

There is also The Cottenham Nude to finish; now that will be an uphill struggle. The foliage will demand vast amounts of time and paint. I would rejoice that half-term is on its way, but I am booked out. Maybe the two bookend weekends will suffice. My housemate and I will have both had the second jab by then, so she might put up with me painting in the living-room. Will will have to see.

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