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Another damn failure!

Not shortlisted for Art Luxembourg. It cost 70 euros to enter. Never again.

This is 'Hallowe'en.' Feeling dark and depressed. Bloody Radio 4 on about bankers, and some more blah about Climate Change. Is the human race doomed to dying out in a giant whimper? I think i am. Reading Harlan Coben - well, that's a little foolish as he is pretty dark too. Feel certain that if I get back to those dealing with inheritance I will find that there has still been no progress there either. It's pitch black out my library window, or at least the tiniest smudge of purple is seeping into the sky. It looks away from the sunrise.

Might manage to get a canvas finished today. Was almost tempted to enter the 'Football and Art' competition, prostituting myself. But I just need a little glimpse of delight. It would be exhibited in Sunderland! Casi mi patria chica. Watched bizarre clips on YouTube of changing-rooms, in Italy in the main, with players in various states of undress celebrating like madmen. Vicarity and a smidge of jealousy that I am not sporty, not part of a tribe, not in the least sporty. My father claimed Kim would 'teach' me how to like sport. We had 7 lessons of it a week. I hated it then, and would almost certainly hate it now, though could probably do distance running or dance. Never a team player, never a supporter. The kids often ask which team I follow. Poor bunnies have no comprehension when I tell them the only sport I like is caving!

Business Studies at school this morning. I will doubtless be really helpful. Sport on the radio. Turning it off...

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