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And so it all ends in tears?

As does everything, or so it would sometimes seem. No bounce for me this morning.

The plan was to go to TP and buy mirror plates and get A to ferry me to school, so I could get the DT technician to affix them, but I have no enthusiasm for anything today. Maybe it's the grey sky, maybe it's the football, though I doubt. I slept heavily last night, so that may also have contributed.

How does the entrepreneurial mind work? That is my question now. Not that any explanation will make me more ready to get on with the dreadful business of commerce. Saatchi has been pointless for half a year, and then when a sale comes the bother with docs and correspondence borders on the Kafkaesque.

Put some Chopin on the player, but that too seems unable to reach me. I was sent a book full of banana recipes. That might be a great thing for the dreary summer to come. If I work on the principle that any glitch means it was not supposed to happen in the first place, then I will not be submitting to Babylon. I was included in a group show there once before, but no sale; not even any enquiries. And now shuffle has the audacity to play a love song for me. A state of being constantly unrequited is definitely my lot.

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