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A sale at last!

Saatchi say I have, but not the usual notification. Hope it's kosher.

Won't be good if I have sold but there is some trick. I had a reduction by voucher once, a negotiated reduction on another occasion. Both were VERY unsatisfactory. I told them, but am sure that didn't get through. Means tomorrow will be a mad rush. Have to go to school, post CDS application, glue labels to the pictures, as well as book a lunch and paint another mixed media piece.

Hammerite stinks out the den. I might have to go to Ely to buy some more spray cans. Hope I am old enough now not to get the look of 'You goin' t' graffiti something, mate?' Never tagged a thing, mind you. Got approached in nightclubs as if I was selling some pharmacological substances. Sigh.

Let's hope this will be a better end to a bitter month? Watching Lupin on Amazon. It's OK, but getting more out of the shorts, 'Love, Death and Robots.' I asked for recommendations of my 544 friends and got none. Asked the same crowd to skype me too, but only my Sardinian friend bothered. People are too busy. Clearly!

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